I was feeling all down today for various reasons…   I decided to re-paint one of the few pieces of furniture I have that is actually a good piece.   Having moved not too long ago, I rummaged through every unpacked box remaining in search of a can of aqua paint.   I didn’t find it (how does a giant can of paint get lost??), but I did find an old letter from one of my dearest friends.   It was so full of just what our friendship has always been, and still is, and a blast from the past.   Just reading it reminded me that I have a great life, I have lived alot, and been loved alot.   And really, what else can a girl ask for when it all comes down to it?   So if anyone else out there is feeling a case of the Mehs, go rummage through a box of old letters, weather mentally or physically.   It will lift your spirits right out of the Mehs…


The Soul Expands


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