Hoping to soak up the vibes of Chinese New Year in Chicago, I headed with the kids into Chinatown this past weekend. Some things happened along the way, so we got there as things were disbanding. I have to say that my children and I learned a very important life skill this day: how to NOT get crushed to death in a massive crowd. Gung Hay Fat Choy, and all that. I finally pushed my way to nearly the barrier, and was deciding if I should push it over or climb over it, as it was not tall. I was leaning towards lifting the kids over and then climbing over myself when someone in the crowd yelled “Push over the barrier!!” And then they did, and we were free. Except we were ALL free. At the same time. So we were still screwed…

I loved everything before and after that, however. Chinatown really knows how to throw a party…

Pui Tak building at the gate

Love the dragons...

During the crush, it was body to body. Here is the boot of the captive next to me...

the masses milling about before the firecrackers went off on chinese new year, chicago

Masses milling about before the firecrackers went off

Firecrackers, check. We were directly across from these. Can I just say, it will make your ears bleed. But it is so awesome!

Paper apocalypse

Chinese yo-yos for sale. These are too cool - paint-splattered balloons with a bit of water in them. We bought several...



Chinese New Year in Chicago, in Brief


Chinatown storefront + the masses right before the firecrackers


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