st. mary angels, urban

St. Mary of the Angels Restoration

Often while driving I see this gorgeous basilica (at least that is the term that comes to mind!) and can never seem to get a shot (since I’m barreling down the highway…).   Going to, I learned that the church is called St. Mary of the Angels.  I just think it is one of the most gorgeous churches I have ever seen.   Is it sacrilegious that I prefer to enjoy the architecture of a church rather than go to one regularly?   Maybe.   But I just can’t help myself…  I feel a need to climb something to get a lovely shot of all those amazing angels…

I always wonder:  what would it have been like to grow up having religion be beautiful, at least on the outside?   To sit in a cavernous church – would I feel closer to God?   What would it be like to have concrete religious beliefs instead of the scattered remnants of a forced strict religious upbringing?   Does a person feel more connected to others?  To themselves?  To God?   Would it have made a difference?   Would I be less dysfunctional?   More so?   Do angels really watch over me?  Pondering, pondering…


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