a difficult day

today i’m having trouble remembering that {i am enough}.   i am capable of creating and maintaining my own happiness.  i cannot change anyone but myself, and i should be looking inward more and outward less.   my own flaws are many, and i can focus on repairing those.   some things, other things, cannot be repaired, no matter how much you wish it to be so  (and sometimes, you only THINK you wish it, but your actions, words, and silence speaks louder than any empty words).  small people need me.   even when i feel i have nothing left to offer, i have to dig deeper, be stronger, in order to be there for them.   they are most important.   i am also important.   and i deserve to be happy.  i deserve joy.  i deserve…  myself.  


One thought on “a difficult day

  1. Well I left a big comment but of course it erased it. The gist is worthiness=love=happiness=good. negative energies=evil. The key to whatever eternal bliss you believe in has to be through love, not hate. You are worthy, Dee!

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